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Globe Metallurgical Inc. Overview

Globe MetallurgicalGlobe Metallurgical Inc. (GMI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globe Specialty Metals Inc. We trace our corporate roots back to 1871 and are today among the world's largest and most efficient producers of metallurgical and chemical-grade silicon metal and silicon-based specialty alloys. We own four manufacturing plants, located in the U.S. States of Ohio, West Virginia, Alabama and New York and market our products to more than 160 customers, predominantly in North America.

Our products are critical inputs in the manufacture of a wide range of industrial and consumer products with growing markets, including silicone compounds, aluminum, photovoltaic solar cells, electronic semiconductors, ductile iron, automotive parts, industrial pipe and steel. Our manufacturing facilities are designed and managed to be highly flexible, enabling us to vary our product mix according to market demand.

We have two wholly-owned subsidiaries, West Virginia Alloys, Inc, which owns and operates our West Virginia plant, and Alabama Sand and Gravel Inc., which operates a quartzite mining operation that supplies us with the majority of our needs for our principal raw material. We also own 50% of Norchem Inc., North America's leading producer of silica fume products, manufactured from byproducts produced by our plants.

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